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Hello, Digital World.

Since it seems that our once esteemed Digital News Weekly has once again suffered some sort of... malfunction and hasn't been around in a while, I've been forced in to the position of advertising for myself once more.

Not that I mind. Sometimes a personal voice is better than a mere text add in the news feed.

Anyway... I would like to announce that I have jumped in to another business endeavor in addition to the Looking Glass Club. Along with Onizuka Haku, I have opened up a dance studio named Reflective Arts Studio. It's located, like Looking Glass, in Neon City.

We will be offering dance lessons starting this Friday, with varying prices on a sliding scale depending on how many classes you want to take per week. Monthly fees have to be paid in advance. We are also offering open studio times for a 50 BIT cover charge. There will be a schedule posted on the door and, for those who sign up, schedules submitted to your D-Comms as well.

We hope to see many new faces there, eager to learn and ready to dance!

Oh, and as always, if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

[Locked to Vocaloid/UTAU family]

The offer was extended to Haku-chan before the business opened, but I'd like to extend it to the rest of you as well. If any of you are interested in teaching at the dance studio, we would be more than happy to have you, and would pay you as we would any other employee.

Please let me know.

Oh, and, family gets in free. Just a little perk for being related.


[Locked to Dell]

Thank you for your help in this. As promised I've kept your name off anything official. If you ever change your mind about being a "silent" partner, though...

[Ritsu doesn't finish that thought. It's pretty obvious what he's getting at.]

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[there is a very skewed shot of...


we're not actually sure what it is.

It kind of looks like some one's bare leg with a stocking pulled halfway down. This would be a D-Comm on the floor of some random location, turned on only long enough to hear one very pained groan.]

... God my fucking head...
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(ooc: I herped so hard I derped. I realized I should have put the source of Tei's upset and reason for posting BEFORE her actual post... but then I didn't. So, here's a sad Ritsu singing only half a song. Translation and full song (as sung by Miku) are here. And Miku has done this one once before, but mun gave me permission to use it again. )

[just as the second verse starts, Ritsu's voice cracks, and he stops.]

... I can't--...

[the music continues for another second before the comm shuts off]
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The Looking Glass Club will be returning to normal business hours tomorrow, opening at its usual time. As of right now we have no events planned but we encourage all of our loyal customers to return and we will be offering half price off our normal entry fee for the next week to make up for the time we were unable to open our doors.

As usual the management thanks you for your patronage.

[Locked from Hostiles, mostly directed at family but open, posted about a half an hour after the advertisement.]

Sai still hasn't been located... I have no choice but to open the club again without him. We'll never get back on our feet if I don't.

I'm sorry...


I'm not giving up looking for him, though. Finitevus has to be some where with him.
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[He sounds pretty upset. He'd rather not let anyone see his face right now.]

Sekka Yufu and Shouka Tori have been sent home.


[voice cracks]

... they're probably better there...

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Just remember, Sai.

You asked for this.

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[Ritsu is back on stage at the Caritas, but this time he's holding an electric guitar, the actual spotlight is on him, and he's wearing a rather... suggestive purple and black kimono. He actually looks a little sheepish, which is strange since Ritsu is, after all, a natural performer.]

... I promised some one I'd do this. I'm sorry, I really don't... do "happy" songs, but... this one seems... appropriate, after all I've been through...

Ah... its... in English, as well. I'm sorry if my English isn't all that great...

[Ritsu strums a few cords carefully, and starts playing.]


[the song ends, and he almost seems to want to say something more, but eventually he just frowns thoughtfully at the camera and shuts it off]
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[Ritsu is completely unaware that his comm has not only turned on, it's turned on to the rarely used video function, though his back is mostly turned towards it. He's got a plain green shirt with 3/4ths sleeves on, but half of it has been partially pulled over his head in order to have his arm out. His panel is up and he seems to be muttering while pressing buttons on it.]

Bloody Data freeze screwing with my systems... can't a robot have a week without something going wrong... that's not right... [huff] No, no. That's not it either...

[This continues on, Ritsu so wrapped up in what he's doing he just doesn't notice that he's being recorded.]
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[The comm clicks on to the faint sound of sniffling, and a quiet, steady beep in the background.]

Translated lyrics behind the cut )


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((OOC: Anyone who knows Ritsu well enough/has heard him sing before would likely recognize his distinct UTAU voice. Feel free to comment, but any replies will be location locked))

All alone in my room
Gazing at the setting sun
Suddenly I'm stricken with loneliness
So I hum a melody
That nameless song
Gently fills my heart
There are no words for anyone to hear
It's a song all my own
Alone in my empty room
Gazing upon the darkening streets
Suddenly I'm visited by silence
So I break it with a melody
That nameless song
Softly fills the room
It's nothing for anyone to know
It's a song all my own

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Can... I stay at your place tonight?
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((OOC: This comes off as accidental, but Ritsu and Misako actually planned it. See this . Italics are Misako.))

--ot even giving me a chance! Please, Misa-chan! This isn't fair!

I'm sorry, dear. I really am. You're a joy as a customer, but as an employee... it's simply not working out.

Misa-chan... p-please! I need this job! I can't pay rent without it!

I'll be glad to give some one a recommendation for you somewhere else provided it's not a... service job. That's all I can do for you.

That's IT?! No! No way! You're not even trying to help me here!

A business woman has to protect her interests, Ritsu.

Bullshit. BULLSHIT! You're just being selfish!

I think you need to leave now, Ritsu.
Nng! Fine! Have it your way!

[door slams, and the comm shuts off]

[About five minutes later, locked from Finitevus/known hostiles, filtered to Lance, Greg, and Nick.]

Apparently I'm a better actor than I thought...

'Selfish' was a bit harsh, Rii.

[sheepish laugh] S-sorry.

It's okay. You boys best keep her safe, you hear?!

I'm sure they'll try their best, Misa. No need to yell at them.

Heh. Can't help that I'm protective over my people. Besides that, you're making Mako work extra hours pulling this stunt.

It'll be over soon. I promise...
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Mr. Papermon

I regret to inform you that this letter contains my prompt and sudden resignation. While you have a fine establishment and I have enjoyed working for you and performing for your customers, I'm sure my absence the past few weeks has not gone unnoticed.

Due to unforeseen circumstances my mental health has deteriorated, and with no other option I must return to my family in Neon City. For reasons I cannot explain, I must request that you destroy any evidence of our correspondence and attempt to tell no one of my location. Should some one come asking for me, you must, for now, deny all knowledge of ever having known me. It is regrettable, but for your safety, mine, and that of my family I must ask this of you.

Should you wish to contact me, please do so on a locked channel.

Perhaps in time I will be able to return and once again grace your stage with my presence, but for now this will be our farewell.

I thank you for all the time and hospitality you have shown me.


波音リツ (Namine Ritsu)

[On his desk with the letter is Ritsu's room keys and his microphone headset.]
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Ugh. Valentines Day... horrible sentimental bullcrap...

If anyone actually needs me for something, I'll be following Yowane's example and drinking myself in to a stupor for the next two days...
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[Though private, the comm clicks on and off a few times before Ritsu finally settles on talking. Whatever's on his mind he seems agitated about it.]

I'm not making any progress. I've been here since November. Teto has been sealed even longer than that. I've done everything I can to keep her placated and to keep her away from everyone else... including Luna... and that--...

It hurts. I don't give two craps about those damn Vocaloids but Luna is... is one of us. She's family. And all she wants to do is bring Teto home.

I hate that I can't tell her she's worse than when she left. Teto's always been a little off, but this is...

One of these days she's going to fly off the handle completely. I understand her desire for power, I do, but at what cost?

Nng! How can I be so powerless?! How?! [something slams hard and cracks. It's his fist hitting the table] Has nothing in my short life prepared me for dealing with this?!

No... no... I guess not...

I do know one thing, though.

If it comes down to it, I'll put myself in her way. Whatever it takes to make sure she doesn't get caught. If anyone can get through to her, it's me.

I will do whatever it takes, whatever it takes to keep my dear Teto safe.
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We need to talk. Now.
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[Video clicks on, shaky and uneven. Ritsu can be seen in a relatively empty area of his bedroom, looking annoyed at the camera.]

Straighter, Angel! Hold on to it better!

I'm trying!

Try harder!

[The video focuses, straightens, and stops shaking as much.]

Good. Good. Music?

Yes ma'am

[Music kicks in, and Ritsu begins singing and dancing along]

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[Private but hackable]

[long sigh] Beginning of a new year in a different world...

One would think I could be happy for the chance to perform in a new world, to a new audience, but I'm beginning to wonder if that will ever happen again. It seems my detestable cousins have forgotten about their musical roots for the most part, and even Luna has been quiet since her arrival...

I miss her singing at night...

[another sigh]


[Locked to Teto]

Teto dear.

Shall we get sloshed and ring in the new year?
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I can't believe that annoying, pain in the ass, air headed-

Ritsu... it's on.


Your comm. It's on. It's recording.

... aeheh... [achem] Hello Digital World! Ignore anything you may have heard before now! I'm wonderfully happy to be here, especially now that I know my beloved extended family is here as well! It is a joyous day that we can all be reunited! I would love to see you all! ... eventually. Later. Sometime... that's not right now. Yes!

... that... sounded kind of fake...

Silence, you.



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